Saturday, October 29, 2005


I breathed a slight sigh of relief Thursday when I heard the Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration for a Associate Judgeship on the Supreme Court. ( The process was actually painful to watch, at least in part because the public attacks were actually accurate. She really was unqualified for the position. ( Sadly, this wasn’t the real reason she was under attack, that just happened to be a convenient bill of good.

For a party headed by a man who doesn’t like litmus tests, Miers came under attack for failing on abortion. ( Her 1989 promises ( and reassurances of James Dobson of Focus on the Family ( weren’t enough to quell the attacks. Then came the revelation of her 1993 comments (€510POL20051026d.html) which made it look like she could actually separate her religion from the law. Cue the evil music and another round of conservative attacks. Maybe she wasn’t such a bad choice after all. But in the end, she withdrew only one day after this. Coincidence?

Of course the real looser here is Justice Sandra Day “I Wanna Retire” O’Connor. ( Poor woman.

But the big question is, does this mean Bush might actually forward Roberto “Torture’s Okay” Gonzalez? Now that would be fun! Pro-abortion and not wholly opposed to affirmative action to piss off the right and pro-torture to piss off the left. ( If this happens, get the pop corn ready, it should be a good, if short, show.


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